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Domain Scam
Posted by Meredith B on 02 April 2021 11:46 am

We wanted to let you know about a domain scam. There is yet another scam going around trying to get some of our clients to pay to “renew” their domain. Please don’t click on any links in this email.

Domain Scam

The scammers aren’t even emailing you. What they’re doing is using the contact form on your website to send you this domain scam. This should be the first clue that this is a scam. If it were a legit bill, they would send you a bill to your email address, not the contact form on your website.

Secondly, if you google what is .ga domain, it is some other country. Then, if you look at where they’re asking you to remit payment, again, that is different than where the email is coming from.

If you ever have a question about your website domain, check out this website:

This can provide you with all the information you need such as:

  • Who the domain is registered to
  • When the domain expires

So this should clarify any misleading information that this “invoice” is trying to tell you otherwise. Furthermore, just call your web hosting company and check with them. Please, do not pay anything that looks suspicious, or click on ANY links in an odd looking email. Just give us a call or send us an email with a copy of the invoice if you’re unsure. Webtivity is always happy to help! Don’t fall victim to a domain scam.

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