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Beware of SEO/Link Building Billing Scam
Posted by Webtivity on 23 March 2021 11:22 am

Please beware of SEO/Link building billing scam that is going around to some of our clients, and possibly others. It appears that there is a company billing some of our clients for services they aren’t receiving.

The problem is that the company name looks somewhat similar to ours, and if you aren’t paying close attention, you could accidentally end up paying this false company. If receive this SEO/Link building billing scam and question what the bill is for, you could wonder why you are paying for two services. You are NOT. They are not providing you with any service.

We’ve attached a sample of the bill or invoice here so you can see what it looks like in case you get one as well.

SEO/Link Building Billing Scam

Webtivity Marketing & Design doesn’t want you to fall victim to a scam. You work too hard for your money, and in times like these there are so many people out there just trying to take advantage of you.

Please be aware of mail, email, and faxes coming in to your business. Keep track of auto payments. And most importantly, don’t click on anything that looks or feels suspicious. If you do have a question, just ask us, it doesn’t hurt to be safe! Thank you to our customers for bringing these fraudulent bills to our attention. We hope it saves someone from paying something they shouldn’t be paying!

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