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You might not know that Social Media Marketing and Social Media Advertising are different, and that’s totally okay. They are similar, so that can be what’s stumping you. With the ever changing social media climate, who wouldn’t be confused about it, right? There is a difference though, and when they’re used correctly, they can make a difference in your digital marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Advertising

What is Social Media Marketing?

Every business today should have a Social Media Marketing campaign of some sort. Social Media Marketing covers every social media platform available to your business. It begins with something as simple as creating an online profile relevant to your business industry. Leading to more social profiles and then interacting with consumers on said profiles.

Interaction on these profiles is key. Interaction is how you promote your brand. Liking, commenting, and sharing content, both theirs and yours is what will bring engagement to your own social media accounts, bringing attention to your brand, your business.

Everyone is using social media, so why not take advantage of it, it’s free! Create a community, create awareness of your business. Draw in your potential customers, bring attention to what makes your business unique! Build a rapport with your customers before they ever step foot into your store or make an online purchase. Make then WANT to do business with you.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising is similar to Google Advertising. It’s run on a PPC basis, where you pay if a user clicks on an ad, or by pay per impression. These ads can be run on various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for example. You can pay to boost a post which has already been posted, or an actual campaign can be set up and run.

The benefit of using paid social media campaigns is targeting. With targeting, specific areas can be targeted, genders, locations, interests, and search history as well. These are important factors to consider when trying to sell something geared towards a specific audience.

Which is Better?

There isn’t one that is better than the other. Both avenues can sell your products and get people in your store or on your website. Social Media Marketing can build a community and get your brand out there, while Social Media Advertising will get your product or ad in front of who you want to see it when you want them to see it. But when used together, you can have the best possible outcome.

If both social media advertising and social media marketing sound like a lot for your business, don’t worry. Webtivity Marketing and Design has a marketing team that specializes in both and would love to help!

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