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Webtivity’s Tim Seward Takes the Spotlight
Posted by Meredith on 04 March 2020 04:38 pm

Featured Member for MYP Monday at The Manatee Chamber of Commerce

(MYP) Manatee Young Professionals is a social and community resource for young professionals, and has served Manatee County under the guidance and administration of The Manatee Chamber of Commerce since 1999. Their initiatives, such as networking & professional development, community service & awareness, and educational opportunities, create great opportunities for young professionals, ages 21-40. Each Monday, MYP selects a member to feature, and we’re proud to say our own Tim Seward was is this week’s pick!

Webtivity’s Tim Seward

Tim is our Business Development Director here at Webtivity, and the back-bone of the sales force. Hailing from just outside of Washington D.C, Tim’s background in customer relations, and account management is extensive. He works closely with our Digital Marketing & Design teams to accomplish our customers’ goals.

While serving his customers’ needs is his number one priority, Tim finds time to enjoy the simple things in life. “Huge dork here! I love Star Trek & Star Wars. I play piano & am a Christmas nutcase!” Finding time for the beach with friends, Tim is passionate about people. When asked by MYP what he was passionate about, he responded, “equality and the truth!” That’s why we keep him upfront and center with our customers at Webtivity.

(MYP) Manatee Young Professionals provides opportunities for its longer-serving members to serve on their Leadership Committee, and Tim is a serving member. Under the Chamber’s supervision, the committee organizes and oversees community service projects, networking events for young professionals, community initiatives, and workforce & education opportunities. This is Tim’s second year serving on the Leadership Committee.

For more information on Tim or to begin a new project, please contact him at

For more information and how to get involved with (MYP) Manatee Young Professionals, please visit

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