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ePIE Business Partnership Awards
Posted by Troy Newport on 09 August 2011 02:10 pm

Local Businesses Improving Education

Some mornings it is easier to get out of bed than others.  Like myself when the alarm went off this morning, many probably laid there for a minute or two and thought about the health of financial markets; 401(k)’s; the health of the business they own or are employed by; the future.  It has been a tough few years.  But instead of being a Doubting Thomas, I decided to get out of bed and plow forward with my day.  After all, what else should I do?

Lucky for me my first order of business was to attend the annual Electronic Partners In Education (ePIE) Business Partnership Awards breakfast. When I walked through the door at Freedom Village (who graciously sponsors the event each year)  I must admit I had a bit of a cloud over my head.  However the event left me in great spirits and with a positive attitude.

The star of the show was undoubtedly a bright young lady by the name of Maria Wirries.    During the program Maria took the stage with strong confidence and a voice to match.  Her final number  “New York, New York” has been stuck in my head every since (thanks Maria!)  The Observer did a story about her earlier this year and if you haven’t heard of this talented singer yet, chances are you will!

It is invigorating to see local businesses pull together to volunteer their time for the children in our community.  One of the awards presented each year is named after the late Barry Jones, formerly the Tampa Bay Rays Community Representative.  His wife, obviously emotional while presenting the Barry Jones Business Partner Empowerment Award, eloquently quoted her husband: “You can have a community without a baseball team, but you can’t have a baseball team without a community.”  The pursuit of community was his mantra.  During trying times community is what gets us through.  I needed reminding of that message, and this morning the positive future our children can unlock and the good we can do together was palpable and valuable lessons which I needed reminding.

So instead of my usual habit of eating lunch and reading online marketing blogs, I decided to write a quick blog about my experience this morning.  Congratulations to all who were recognized this morning and especially to the 2011 Partner in Excellence award winner World Design, Inc., an architecture and engineering firm located in Lakewood Ranch.  I hope I was able to convey a small part of the inspiration I got this morning; now I need to go put some of this positive energy to good use!

About ePIE
Electronic Partners In Education (ePIE) is a web-based application custom developed by Webtivity Designs to help easily connect businesses and organizations with schools throughout Manatee County.  The purpose is to initiate partnerships that enhance student learning and promote school involvement in the community.  Want to learn how your business can help the School District of Manatee County?

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