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How to Run a Successful Facebook Like Campaign
Posted by Didier Bizimungu on 08 September 2017 03:17 pm

facebook like campaignSo you want to run a Facebook like campaign? Maybe you’ve just now finally created a Facebook page for your business. Or you’ve had a page that just never seems to gain any traction with Facebook users.

Does every one of your posts only get one or two likes…one of those being from you? Does your post “reach” just include 5 people?

If any of those situations describes you or your business a paid Facebook like campaign comes highly recommended. Now that you’ve identified your need however, how exactly do you go about running this thing?!

Your background is not a marketer, let alone an online marketer. And if you are like me in the past, social media itself might be a scary unfamiliar beast. Fear not! The folks at Webtivity Marketing & Design have put together a quick guide on how to run a successful Facebook like campaign.

Set Your Facebook Like Goals

This step would be obvious to anyone running a marketing campaign but often goes ignored for anyone just starting out on their own. How many likes do you have? How many do you want to have? And how long do you want to take to achieve your goal of likes?

Customize Your Facebook Page

Just like you wouldn’t invite visitors into a dirty home, tidy up your Facebook page before you sink any money into it. Give it the best chance to succeed in attracting its own organic likers before paying for any new ones. This will have the added benefit of encouraging anyone who comes from your paid like campaign to stick around.

Edit your about section, add your business hours, customize your call to action button, add any services you offer as their own tabs, and most importantly customize your profile and banner images

Spread Your Facebook Page Organically

Webtivity is a big believer in organic traffic and content. So start by adding links to your Facebook page on your website, in your newsletters, and even in your blog posts. Tell friends, clients, everyone you can reach to generate buzz and attract natural visitors to your Facebook page.

Create a Constant Stream of Quality Content

No one would like to visit you if your house was empty so why would they want to like a bare bones Facebook page?! Commit, and commit now to a steady posting schedule of quality content. Facebook makes this even easier by adding a scheduling tool to allow you to do your entire daily, weekly, and even monthly posting schedule all at once.

Do not start a Facebook like campaign without first committing to a steady posting schedule. We would even go as far as to suggest you try posting regularly for two months before spending any money on that page. You might run a successful Facebook like campaign only to lose all of those likes in the future as the posting frequency dies down to a trickle.

One thing Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media platforms have in common is the need to be social. What happens to friends who stop talking to you? They eventually fade away from your memory, and your relationship becomes a thing of the past. Do not let your Facebook page be a ghost page after investing your cold hard cash in it.

Be Responsive

This is the easiest one to list but probably the hardest one to follow in actuality. Be responsive to any reviews, comments, or private messages you receive from prospective, current or even past clients. This shows them that you care and increases the likelihood of a good review as well as a good recommendation.

You can accomplish this easily by linking your Facebook Business page to your personal page and turning on notifications. These will go straight to your Facebook page and phone if you have the Facebook application installed.

Set a Budget Based on your Goals

Set a monthly budget for your Facebook like campaign based on the like goals you want to achieve. Keep in mind the time period you are willing to wait to reach these goals. This should depend on your advertising budget as well as the perceived benefits you expect to reap from successfully achieving your Facebook like goals.

Track your Results

Simple enough but often overlooked. We have seen many a Facebook like campaign get ignored almost in the same breath it is created. Use Facebook’s handy dandy tracking tools to measure the results of your like campaign. From there you can adjust budgets or even posting frequency to either increase or decrease resulting likes as necessary.

webtivity marketing & designsWebtivity Marketing & Design has been operating since 1999 with a strong focus on personal service. A point of view we found severely lacking in the online digital world. We specialize in provided a complete solution to all digital needs for small to medium as well as large business enterprises.

We are a Certified Google Partner Agency, winner of the Manatee Small Business of the Year Award, and other accolades.

Give us a call at 941-753-7574 or email Tim for more information on how we can work closely with you to help your business achieve all of your goals!

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It is said that certifications in the Digital Marketing industry fall more often than rain in a rain forest. Who knows which companies to trust and which consultants have actually completed the necessary requirements instead of outsourcing the process? The answer is none.

digital marketing certificationThere are few exceptions to this rule however, that is the companies that are the target of most if not all digital marketing efforts. None more so fit the bill more than the behemoth underneath Alphabet, Google.

There are several reasons working with a Google Certified Partner can be advantageous to you and your company’s digital marketing goals.

Certification Backed By Google

The world’s biggest search engine needs no introduction. Suffice it to say they vet any applications for Google Partner status rigorously to ensure that any company or individual who plans on using their brand name as part of their marketing has earned the distinction.

On a basic level that entails checking to make sure a company is an established legal identity with employees. On an advanced level this includes meeting a minimum level of Google AdWords ad spend, delivered growth to clients, and shows sustained improvement over time.

For those few agencies who qualify a nifty badge is awarded like the one you see on the left. The full requirements are listed by Google to make it easier for potential clients to understand just what kind of benefits they can expect from any agency displaying the Google Partner Badge.

Certified Agency Team Members

Google requires that at least one employee be certified in the various advertising sections of the AdWords offerings. Fortunately here at Webtivity we have not one, not two, but THREE certified employees ready to meet your Pay-Per-Click needs. But just stating that means nothing.

Certifications come and go over time as individuals sometimes overlook re-certification. An agency’s Google Partner page however should be able to show you all qualified individuals as well as their respective qualifications.

Dedicated Google AdWords Representative

To be a Google AdWords partner requires going through a rigorous selection process by Google. There are some agencies that rise above that initial basic entrance level however. Around 5% all of digital marketing agencies earn the distinction of being assigned dedicated account representatives.

As the old idiom goes there is no better source of information than straight from the horse’s mouth. Google AdWords experts are the best place to get recommendations, practices, news, and a plethora of other information other digital marketing experts may not be aware of for months! Webtivity is proud to have and continue to earn this distinction.

Like what you hear so far? Request a free no-obligation consultation from the Google AdWords Certified experts at Webtivity!

Immediate AdWords Support

Google Partners, especially Google Partners with a dedicated representative, get immediate responses to ANY Google related issues. Is your website consultationlisted as hacked? Do you have an issue with your bill? Do you have any questions you can’t find an answer to? You might be stuck waiting for weeks, sometimes even months by going through regular Google contact avenues.

A Google Partner agency however can get your issue attended to and rectified within 24 hours! We have direct phone access to our Google Representatives for expedited service.

Direct Google AdWords Supported Consultation

One of the expanded duties of a Google AdWords representative team is helping their client acquire new business. This is because the advertising agency has proven itself time and time again as capable of delivering quantifiable and sustained results for their respective clients. Taken in this context it is in the best interest of the parent company, in this case Google, to ensure that that agency continually acquires new business.

Your FREE Google AdWords consultation will be undertaken in tandem with our Google AdWords dedicated account representatives to ensure that our suggested recommendations pass the rigor of accepted and up-to-date AdWords best practices.

The Webtivity Difference

We, at Webtivity Marketing & Designs, strive to ensure that we not only meet the highest Google standards for search but advertising as well. We not only have THREE AdWords certified team members but TWO Google Analytics certified members as well.

As part of our drive to always deliver quality server we differentiate our billing for advertising from Google AdWords. This means that you can keep track of your budget without worrying about where every dollar is being spent. This is something of an anomaly in the digital advertising industry as most agencies like to retain an inordinate amount of control on client budgets. But we place, and will continue to pursue a strictly transparent way of operating.

And it seems industry search engine giants are taking note. Don’t wait schedule your free AdWords consultation with the experts today! Give us a call at 941-753-7574 to experience the Webtivity difference for yourself.


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Choosing Your Digital Marketing Company
Posted by Meredith Bardsley on 14 June 2017 10:11 am

Choosing Your Digital Marketing Company


MarketingFor most companies, online marketing is a no-brainer. The smart business owner knows that the internet is where today’s consumer lives. And what does every business owner want? To be on the first search results page on Google. Next stop – hire a marketing company. But who to pick?


Landing pages

Often, digital marketing companies will launch ads on your behalf that appear on search engines for keyword searches. This is a standard marketing practice. They are often even equipped with call tracking numbers to better track your business flow. But here’s the kicker. Where do these ads take the consumer when clicked? Does it lead to a page created within your own website? Or is this an offsite page that has a different URL than your website aka, NOT your website? While this method might score you a sale, it does not strengthen your SEO efforts. It also cancels out the ability to interest your customers in other products or services you offer as they will not actually be on your website where other information would be found. You’ve worked too hard on your site to have your ads lead elsewhere.

Be careful in picking a company to handle your campaigns. Make sure that they use landing pages on YOUR site! After all, you’re paying them to market your website, not theirs.


Social Media

MarketingGone are the days where Facebook naysayers are commonplace. By the end of 2016, Facebook announced that they had 1.86 billion users! That’s nearly one third of the entire planet! Instagram carries over 400 million users, Twitter and Google+, over 300 million.

Now, Google’s search engine algorithm has grown to consider websites that link back to social media. Be sure to look out for digital marketing companies that are aware of this change. Maybe even one that includes social media in a SEO campaign.


Case Studies

If you’re proud of your work, you share it. You talk about it. If you have a company in mind, visit their website. Do you see examples of their work? Case studies? Testimonials? A great company has great work to show off. Success stories are not too much to ask for when signing onto monthly marketing agreements.


Taking the time to question your digital marketing provider is key in sorting out the winners from the losers. Do your own research. Make sure they know what the newest marketing trends are and how they can use them to YOUR benefit.

Show your business to the world with Webtivity Marketing & Design!


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Do I Need an SSL Certificate for My Website?
Posted by Didier Bizimungu on 06 April 2017 09:09 am

Webtivity Designs recommends that ALL webmasters or site owners upgrade their websites with an SSL certificate.

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server using SSL technology.

SSL CertificateSSL is essential for protecting your website, even if it doesn’t handle sensitive information like credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your users’ personal information.

This increased protection has not gone unnoticed by search engines. Starting in 2015 Google has slowly but surely increased the importance of having an SSL certificate to its search rankings. We fully expect the rest of the big three, Yahoo and Bing, to follow Google’s lead.

This is outlined on the Google Webmaster Blog.

This is a rare but incredible break in normal Google practices of never commenting on search ranking factors. They did not stop there with their pursuit of a more secure user experience. Recently the Google Chrome browser began showing a “Not Secure” warning on any webpage without an SSL that collects user data.

Where can you get an SSL Certificate? Webtivity currently offers SSL Certificates as well as installation and maintenance for a nominal fee. Certificates must be renewed every year to remain valid. We can provide a free estimate on the cost of the whole process.

If you do not go through us GoDaddy also offers SSL Certificates. Please note however that they do not offer installation or renewal services, just a certificate.

https webtivityA key requirement of an SSL Certificate is a dedicated IP. This means a website has its own IP address. Typing in the URL of the website or its IP address would bring you to the same website. This has the added benefit of speeding up the loading time of your website further positively influencing SEO rankings.

Webtivity is here to guide you through this process regardless of which provider you use. We highly recommend that ALL of our clients upgrade their websites to this security level. This goes double for current SEO clients.

Please feel free to send any questions or concerns our way via email or phone call at: (941) 753-7574

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What Does the Not Secure Warning Mean?
Posted by Didier Bizimungu on 24 March 2017 01:28 pm

There are many variations of Not Secure going around the Internet right now. “Not secure” is the warning you will see in the URL or address bar while using the Chrome Browser on certain pages. See below for an example.

chrome address bar not secure warning

When did this start?

This change came into effect on January 31st, 2017 with the release of Chrome Version 56.

chrome not secure warning origin

What Pages Are Affected?

Website pages with password or credit card form fields will trigger this “not secure” warning. For example a non-HTTPs or unsecured WordPress login page will look like this:

wordpress unsecured example


Some people may question the efficacy of this move in light of the fear it may instill in some unfamiliar users. For example for those of us who use the SmarterMail email server to manage our emails we now see:

unsecured site smartermail

Now imagine if you were not familiar with the Internet. Does that look like a safe place to login to you? This abrupt move by not just Google but Firefox as well has lofty goals but mark my words there will be growing pains.

What browsers are affected?

The browsers with the Not Secured Warning thus far include Firefox and Google Chrome. Firefox’s not secure warning started with Firefox 52. It’s warning looks a bit different than Chrome’s however:

firefox security warning

What is the goal?

The ultimate goal of both Chrome and Firefox, as well as some other browsers which I’m sure are to follow, is to secure the entire Internet over SSL. Regular HTTP has been shown to be vulnerable to “middle men” attacks. The monitoring, interception, and sometimes even injection of information before it can reach its destination.

It’s easy to see how this might be a concern for pages that contain sensitive information such as credit card or password information.

As it stands about a third of all web traffic is routed through SSLs or HTTPs and that number only keeps growing.

What can I do?

Get in touch with the consummate SEO professionals at Webtivity for more information on how to attain an SSL Certificate to ensure that your website visitors do not run into this menacing issue!

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