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5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Posts Stand out on Facebook
Posted by Meredith B on 06 July 2020 03:39 pm

How do you reach your target audience on an ever changing social media platform? How do you get the results you’re aiming for? Here are 5 ways to make your social media posts stand out on Facebook.

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Get To the Point

People don’t want to read a blog when they’re looking at your business Facebook page, that’s what a blog is for. So keep Facebook posts short and sweet. Think of social media as a social event, small talk. Make a point, draw them in, and get out! Maximum engagement for a social media post on a Facebook page happens at 40 characters according to Buffer.

Use Images

It doesn’t matter how great you are with words, your posts NEED to have an image. Posts are visually appealing. You don’t even need to be a professional photographer. Just be relatable. Studies have shown that posts with images get more interaction.

Tag Brands

Using social tagging will bring others in. If you tag your supplier, or a brand you use or love, it allows you to reach them and their followers! This grows your organic reach!

Ask for Likes

Just like you ask for reviews, ask for likes. When someone interacts with your post and they don’t currently “like” your page, ask them to. If you click on the link next to the list of reactions to your post, it will bring up a list of everyone who reacted to your post, and include whether they like your page already. If they don’t; simply hit invite. This is a great way to invite followers of your product or brand who might not be aware that they’re not already following your page.

Begin a Conversation

When you talk to your followers, it builds a sense of community. Pose a question, encourage them to interact with you. This will increase engagement, and make posts more successful.

We have always said it’s important to have a presence on social media, but these days, with more people being at home, it’s even more important. If you need help starting your page, or just want to increase your social media presence, give Tim a call at 727-386-7216 X 107.

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