Website/Client Shut Down
Posted by Brian Dubil on 17 October 2018 03:43 pm

Client shut down for non payment

In some cases sites need to be shut down for non payment but may need to be brought back up after the client is payed up (usually within a week or so).

  • Depending on the the site, log into either plesk on Linux or Windows server.
  • Find the sub subscription in the list of sites, check the box to suspend it, scroll to the top and set the change status drop down to "Suspend". This will show the plesk default page.
  • If applicable also go into the mailserver and disable the client email for their entire domain.
  • If the client pays up then go in to plesk and the mailserver and re-enable services.




Client shut down (as in has a new site, is no longer hosting with us and client has not requested site files)

Be sure we don't need any part of the site prior to doing these steps, once its gone its gone.

  • Depending on the site, log into either plesk on Linux or Windows server.
  • Find the subscription in the list of sites. Click the name to manage the subscription. Click databases and delete the database (if any) *on past servers when subscriptions were deleted from plesk the files and databases were still left behind using up space.
  • Click subscriptions again over in the left, find the site you are removing, check the box next to its name. Scroll up to the top and click the "remove" button. This will delete the subscription and all the settings associated with it.
  • *Not sure if this step is needed. Log on to the server itself (via RDP or Royal TS). Look in the Vhosts folder and make sure all the site files have been deleted. If not then delete the files. With the old servers files were left
  • If applicable log onto the mailserver, find the clients domain and delete it from the server.




Client site shut down for use at a later time (or requested a copy of their site)

  • If you haven't already, set the site up in DreamWeaver, download all the local files to your computer.
  • Log into either plesk on the Win or Linux server, find the sub subscription, click into the databases area. Find the database if applicable and click "export Dump". Follow the steps and choose a location to save the file. I usually dump the file into the clients httpdocs folder.
  • Once the DB dump is completed go back in DreamWeaver and download the DB back up. (usually a .zip file)
  • Then zip up all the files on your local computer, upload them to a client folder in our dropbox account and email them a link to download the files.
  • If the site is ready to be shut down then go through the steps in the previous shut down lost to remove the files and DB's from the server. *If the client just wants a copy of their site and is still hosting with us then don't delete.