How to Connect to Your WebEx Meeting
Posted by on 04 December 2013 01:29 pm

You will need to follow the steps below after the following estimated browser version release dates:

  • Firefox version 27—estimated February 2, 2014*
  • Chrome version 32—estimated January 10, 2014*

Follow these steps to enable the WebEx plug-in and join a WebEx meeting:

  1. Select the Join link that appears in your email invitation or instant message, or select Join in your meeting list or the meeting space on your WebEx site. 
  2. If you have not already installed the Cisco WebEx meeting application software, install it now.
  3. If the WebEx software is installed, you will see the Join meeting page with a tiny icon near the address bar that will allow you to enable the WebEx plug-in. See the images below for instructions on how to enable this plug-in in Chrome and in Firefox:

Chrome (Windows and Mac)**

Image demonstrating how to enable the WebEx plug-in for Chrome

Firefox (Windows, Mac, and Linux)**

Image demonstrating how to enable the WebEx plug-in for Firefox



Additional Questions

Q.   How often will I need to enable the WebEx plug-in?

A.   You will need to enable the plug-in once per WebEx site (example: for each browser you use (Chrome and Firefox).
If you use multiple computers, you will need to enable the plug-in separately for each computer.


Q.  Which versions of Chrome and Firefox will require me to activate the WebEx plug-in?

A.  The following browser versions require that you activate the WebEx plug-in:

  • Chrome version 32 and later*
  • Firefox version 27 and later*


Q.  What changed? Why do I need to enable the plug-in now?

A.  Chrome and Firefox changed their policy to automatically block plug-ins. Mozilla and Google separately announced that their browsers will automatically block the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) starting in February* for Firefox and January* for Chrome.


Q.  What is a plug-in?

A.  A plug-in is a technology that allows additional functionality to be added to the browser. The Cisco WebEx plug-in allows the browser to communicate with the Cisco WebEx meeting application software that is installed on your computer.


Q. Since Google will be removing NPAPI support from Chrome, what long-term plans does WebEx have for allowing users to join meetings?

A.  Google has announced that Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) support will be completely removed from Chrome by the end of 2014. Cisco is committed to providing a simple and easy way for users to join WebEx meetings. We are currently investing in new, alternative methods to join meetings that do not require the use of NPAPI support. We will advise on the recommended alternatives at a later date.


*Exact release dates are controlled by 
Mozilla and Google and are subject to change.
**Browser experiences are controlled by Mozilla and Google and are subject to change.

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